Magna-Dry Carpet and Upholstery Dry Cleaning
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Ultra-Dry Spot Cleaner

Purchase Ultra-Dry Spot cleaning chemical from Magna

Dry of Cincinnati. Magna Dry spot cleaner. 513-874-3310. Carpet dry cleaner. 16 ounce. $10.95

Ultra Dry spot cleaner

Ultra Dry spot cleaner

from 10.95

The ultimate carpet dry cleaner. Use for outstanding results on all types of soils. This unique product is a blend of chemically dissimilar water based cleaning agents and dry cleaning solvents. Problems associated with reappearing spots and rapid resoilling are all but eliminated when using Ultra-Dry.

Great for upholstery cleaning too.

You’ll love the pleasant lemon fresh scent.

*Ultra- Dry must be keep in original container, our bottles have been specially treated to contain the Ultra-Dry.

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